What is Melatonin? Can You Overdose On Melatonin?

what is melatonin

What is Melatonin?
What is Melatonin

Are you among those people who suffer from episodes of deprived sleep? If yes then you should know that it is due to the low production of melatonin in your body.

When you are going through this phase, you may take melatonin pills to overcome your disturbed sleep pattern. But before taking pills, it is important to know what is melatonin? and how it regulates the sleep cycle.

Melatonin is a hormone that is released by the body to control the everyday sleep cycle. It is made by the brain through a special gland known as the pineal gland.

The internal clock of a human body is affected due to the quantity of melatonin prepared by the glands. The production of this gland are at peak at night and the level drops in the morning that wakes you up.

Moving forward, we shall discuss more to get a peaceful sleep, you can increase melatonin by taking melatonin pills. It will help you for disturbed sleep pattern If you have an about melatonin pills, its uses, its dosage, effects etc.

Facts About Melatoninnatrol_melatonin_fast_dissolve_tablets

Melatonin can be helpful in treating conditions like Alzheimer, cancer, migraine, insomnia etc. Melatonin production is regulated by the light which means it is inactive during the daytime and hence makes you feel energetic and active.

When the sun disappears, its production is activated and during the night it is the highest level while it drops back as soon as the sun rises again. Due to dropped levels of melatonin, you tend to wake up in the morning.

During the winter season, the body takes more time to adapt to the internal clock. The production of melatonin is done earlier than usual due long winter nights.

This unusual production is known as “Melatonin Depression”. You may feel all the signs of depression but it can’t be diagnosed or treated like the real depression.

How it Works?

Like any other medicine or supplement, the success probability melatonin pills maybe only 50%. It is because every medicine works in mysterious ways for different people. However, it has been proven to be helpful against jet lag and other sleep-related problems.

It helps in children sleep disorder, shift work disorder, insomnia etc. Those people who face difficulty in sleeping at night may get benefited through melatonin but it might help in sleeping better rather than longer. 

On the contrary, there are few studies that reveal melatonin to be of no use and doesn’t work the way it is claimed.

What is Melatonin[Source]

How Much Melatonin is too Much?

amazing_nutrition_melatoninMost important question after what is melatonin? Melatonin has varying effects on different people. Though it has no official recommended dosage prescription in many countries, however, dosage up to 5 mg is deemed safe. Before consuming any dosage of Melatonin pills, it is recommended to keep essential factors like age, height, weight, gender other any medical conditions in considerations.

According to Mayo Clinic, dosage between 0.3 mg – 10 mg is reckoned as safe depending on the person and the purpose of usage e.g. 0.1 to 5 mg can be used by the elder who is facing the issue of insomnia. If taken for jet lag, a dose of 0.1-8 mg is safe.

To ease the restless legs, 3mg or lesser is recommended. Using melatonin more than the aforementioned range might effect on the body adversely.

Benefits of Using Melatonin

Using melatonin can be beneficial in many ways, its few benefits are:
  • Natural Remedy For Trouble Sleep

It is close to natural sleep remedy and has least side effects if used within the prescribed limit. It doesn’t work like a traditional drug i.e. addiction and dependence on those drugs for sleeping. Melatonin supplementation is helpful for the sleep-deprived people.

There are many individuals who suffer from low production of melatonin due to their medical conditions like insomnia, bipolar, schizophrenia etc. Hence, such people can be benefited by melatonin supplements.

  • Helpful In Treating Prostate and Breast Cancer

In view of numerous studies, low production of melatonin is linked with the risk of breast cancer and other deadly cancer types. A research carried out to explore the significance of melatonin proved it serves as a constraint for tumor growth.

It is also recognized as a healing agent for women with breast cancer. Another study revealed that melatonin fastens the recovery of breast cancer patients when it is taken with chemotherapy. The tumor is shrunken with the help of melatonin.

  • Helping Agent In Heart Disease

Multiple studies have demonstrated melatonin as the heart-protective agent. When we specifically discuss cardiovascular health, melatonin is attested to be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. It is helpful in controlling and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. It is also established to be helpful in treating the cardiovascular diseases.

  • Strengthen Immunity System

As melatonin has robust antioxidant effects, it is often helpful in strengthening the immunity of the body. Melatonin is called an “Immune Buffer” because it acts as a stimulant and anti-inflammatory compound in an immunosuppressive condition.

  • Eases Jet Lag

Melatonin is helpful in easing the condition of jet lag. It is verified to be excellent in the prevention or the reduction of jet-lag.  Jet lag is a defined as a temporary sleep disorder which is faced by the air travelers who frequently travel to places with different time zones.

As a result body, an internal clock is not immediately adjusted with the time and they face sleep deprivation. Their body is confused regarding day and night. In this case, melatonin is served the purpose as an excellent aid.

Why Do People Overdose On Melatonin?

People overdose on melatonin due to many reasons including addictive behavior and psychological factors. Overdosing can stimulate many mild and severe health issues.

It may work differently for everyone. It may react adversely to someone if an overdose is taken while another person may have no effects of high dose of melatonin at all.

If you see any reaction due to melatonin usage, immediate medical help should be pursued.

Potential Side Effects of Using Melatonin

Regardless of the dosage you take, you may feel some or many of the side effects of its usage. Some of the side effects are:

  • Mood swings and depression

  • Unusual sleeping pattern and vivid dreams

  • Confusion, irritation, hallucination

  • Adverse and mild psychological effects

  • Likelihood of seizures in case of overdose

  • Stomach issues, vomiting, and nausea

  • Breastfeeding babies may be at risk due to melatonin intake or high dose

  • Severe and mild allergic reaction

  • Risk of damaging to heart and liver

Can You Really Die From Melatonin Overdose?

What is MelatoninThere has been no authentic & official information ever been released regarding any deaths claimed due to melatonin usage.

However, excess anything can have detrimental health effects, hence high dosage of melatonin or any other sleeping aid must be avoided.

High dosage of melatonin can be life threatening or act as a slow poison by causing severe damage to internal body organs, leading to death.

If you experience feeling sick after a dosage of melatonin, immediately ensure you take medical help.

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