Sexy Victoria’s Secrets Sleepwear

Sexy Victoria’s Secrets Sleepwear

We know that many women opt to sleep in simple PJs and baggy T-shirts at night. It is totally understandable too since sleep tees and PJs are really comfortable and comfort is your first priority when you are about to sleep.

But does that really mean that pretty sleepwear can’t be comfy?

Women’s sleepwear has an entire dedicated to making women look sexy and feel comfortable at night. If you don’t really know what we are talking about then imagine those rich wives and mothers from your favorite rom-com movies.

Remember that floaty robe they don before opening the door at 2 a.m. in the morning?

They are part of the sexy sleepwear we’ll be discussing there. The floating robes are not the only kind of sexy sleepwear you can seductively adorn yourself with. There are so many other types of Victoria’s Secrets sleepwear which we will is what we will be discussing today.

Yeah, what better brand to discuss sleepwear with other than Victoria’s secret. At the end of this article, even if you don’t know exactly what kind of Victoria’s Secret sleepwear to get your hands on, at least you will be able to decide between your options better!

Victoria’s Secrets

Types Of Sleepwear

Let us start by discussing the different types of Victoria’s Secret sleepwear that we can choose from:


Sleep Shirts

victoria secret sleepshirtsYou could argue that Victoria’s Secret sleep shirts are a lot like any other sleep tee. The only difference is that Victoria’s Secret sleep shirts are a lot sexier than your sleep band shirt, minus the band logo.

There are many different kinds of sleep shirts to choose from as well. There is button down sleep shirts, long T-shirts that loosely capture your frame, backless and sleeveless tees and even funny sleep shirts with a catchy one-liner to show that sexy isn’t all you are.


Robes and Kimonosvictoria secret sleepshirt

Robes and Kimonos are arguably the fanciest type of sleepwear among all, if you don’t agree with me, think of the rich wife waking up at 2 am we mentioned earlier; she is almost certainly wearing a Kimono!

Kimonos come as long and floaty robes or short, above-the-knee length robes. You can tie the Kimono up or leave it open, revealing your Victoria’s Secret lingerie on the inside. Kimonos are also sometimes open-back and off-shoulder to add to the seductive appeal.

What we are trying to say is that a robe can be an extremely flirty piece of sleepwear if you decide to play with it a little.



victoria secret sleepshirts1The slip is a classic piece of sleepwear and has been the choice of many married women for ages. This is mainly because they have a fair bit of sex appeal, aren’t as complicated as kimonos and not as overtly sexual as a baby-doll lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret sleepwear collection has released a number of different slips to appeal to all sorts of women.

The length of your slip could be anything from loosely floating below the knees to just covering the essentials. To add a little more zing to the sexual appeal, some slips are made of different types of lace and net, to give a fulfilling glance into even sexier lingerie.

They may be sleeveless or have spaghetti straps or even be backless at times. Half-slips are also a very commonly worn piece of sexy sleepwear.


Babydoll LingerieWomens Babydoll Lingerie Set Plus Size

Victoria’s Secret’s Babydoll lingerie is as sexy as they come. These are highly recommended for exceptionally romantic occasions like your wedding night. You will not regret packing a Babydoll for your honeymoon as well, we guarantee it.

The Babydoll is available in many different styles and cuts; from halter tops, to high necks. Most halter tops have frills in their skirts and almost all skirts end above the knee length.

Most Babydoll lingerie is made of lace and is, therefore, see-through – just to add a little more spice to the sexy charm.



tedy lingerieVictoria’s Secret’s teddies are the most flirty sleepwear you can find. Teddies are basically bodysuits. Take the image you have of a bodysuit in your mind and make it 50 times sexier by making it skimpy, translucent, and pretty!

So teddies are basically onesies. The top of the teddy can be anything from high-neck to halter to plunging neckline to long-sleeved and even backless.

The bottom of the Victoria’s Secret’s teddy is either in the shape of an everyday wear panty, a thong, or even a G-string.

If you are into some kinky lovemaking, a teddy is your absolute best bet.


Sleepwear Fabrics



Silk is a very delicate fabric and can be argued to be the most comfortable type of fabric there is. It is usually used to make silk nightgowns which are usually long and flowy. Silk is also often used to make kimonos and slips.

Silk tends to stain easily and should be avoided if you are a rough sleeper because it is so delicate and very expensive.



Cotton sleep shirts and long nightgowns are the most resiliently comfortable type of sleepwear that you can get. Cotton sleepwear is also really affordable, especially in comparison to sleepwear in other materials like silk and satin.

One huge advantage of cotton sleepwear is that it wicks moisture from your skin, making you feel cool throughout the night.

The only downside to cotton sleepwear is that it has slightly lower sexual appeal than other types of fabric.

 In Victoria’s Secret sleepwear line, you can find cotton clothes as sleep tees and button-down sleep shirts.



Sleepwear lingerie in lace is arguably the sexiest of all other fabrics. This is because lace lingerie is translucent and the lookers get a nice view on sexier lingerie on the inside.

There are different types of lace that lingerie can be made out of. The most commonly used lace includes Angel’s lace, dot mesh, pleated lace, and Chantilly lace.

Victoria’s Secret sleepwear in lace can be worn over other lingerie like a sexy pair of bra and panties. Of course, many other kinds of lace lingerie can easily be rocked on its own as well.



Satin is a cool and breathable fabric and is extremely comfortable to sleep in. Satin is cool to the touch and does not let you sleep hot. Naturally, Victoria’s Secret’s satin sleepwear is really sexy too.

Satin is most commonly seen in the form of kimonos, long nightgowns, and slips. Satin can also be made with different blends of silk, so you can have the satin benefits with some of the silk feel too.


Find The Right Sleepwear For Your Body Type


Though at the end of it all, you should wear what you like and flaunt it, it helps to know what type of lingerie or sleepwear can accentuate your body to its maximum potential and make you look sexy by all standards.



A slender, shapely woman will look her best in fitted lingerie like a teddy. Slimmer and less shapely women are best suited to wearing ruffles and frills like in a Babydoll lingerie.

Slim women can also easily pull off sleep tees and button-down shirts. Though there are no rules that suggest you should stick only to our understanding of lingerie on women, these tips might just arrow down the potential choices for you slim ladies.



Frilly or billowing Babydoll lingerie with a plunging neckline and tightened waist is the best match for a curvaceous woman.

Other than that, many curvy women can easily pull off a teddy as well, depending on how thick their thighs really are.

Kimonos are a curvy lady’s best friend. Don your favorite lingerie or a sexy pair of bra and panties and then wear a sexy kimono on top to look like the diva that you truly are.


Size Chart

Clothing sizes for lingerie are more or less the same as they are for normal clothing. This chart will give you a rough estimate of the size of lingerie you should go for:


Clothing Size 0-22-44-88-1210-161818-2224-28
Bust (inches)30-3232-3434-3536-3839-4242-4344-4747.5-49
Waist (inches)20-2222-2425-2626-31.531.5-34.534.5-36.436.5-4343-49
Hip (inches)30-3333-3737.5-39.539.5-4343-4645.5-47.548-5453-57
Weight (pounds)80-100100-125125-145145-165165-180180-195195-205200+


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