My Pillow Reviews 2021 : Where to Buy My Pillow?

My Pillow Reviews Amazon Where to Buy My Pillow

At some point in our lives, I’m sure we’ve all suffered from the ill-effects of a horrible pillow that once seemed very promising.

Mike Lindell is a man who was especially bothered by this constant betrayal he had to face at the hands of every pillow he bought and so he decided to take the matter into his own hands.

Yes, he created My Pillow. His vision was to create a pillow that would not go flat, would keep you cool at night and would also adjust itself when you move so that your head would remain in a neutral position throughout the night.

The pillow he created got so popular that it made most of the best pillow reviews list online. It quickly became one of the most widely used pillows all over the USA.

Even so, it is understandable if you want to do research on your own and see how amazing this pillow really is before investing any money in it.

We have made that job easier for you. So let’s see exactly how amazing this pillow is according to us:

Where to Buy My Pillow?

intex mattress walmartMy Pillow is easily available at Walmart if you want to go to a retail store and get a feel of the pillow for yourself before purchasing it.

coleman air mattress amazonYou can also find My Pillow on Amazon if you want to shop online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Another common online option is the My Pillow Official Website you would be happy to know that there are hundreds of My Pillow promo codes applicable on their website so you can get an easy discount as well.

My Pillow Warranty

My pillow has a 60-day money back guarantee on its products if you find a defect or just don’t like it under your head at night.

My Pillow also offers a 10-year limited warranty which you can claim at any point in this duration if the condition of your pillow meets the terms of My Pillow.

My Pillow Controversy

Last year, My Pillow faced some problems with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) When it came to their Buy One Get One Advertising.

The BBB Dropped the rank of My Pillow from an A+ to an F based simply on this advert which misleads people to buy two pillows at a price that was considerably higher than one, even if it wasn’t as much as the price of two.

The Issue was resolved sometime this year and this issue did not lead to any shortcomings in the quality of the pillow itself.

So I personally believe it is perfectly okay to buy this pillow without being scammed or misled from any of the above-mentioned places.

My Pillow Reviews

1- My Pillow Classic

Claims and General Information

my pillow reviews amazonWe will be reviewing this version of My Pillow in the Queen size with medium firmness.

This My Pillow is also available in the King size with greater firmness.

It is filled with patented, interlocking fill which adjusts its own shape in response to the position of your head.

The manufacturers have claimed that this

pillow does not go flat.

It can easily be washed and dried in a machine.

My Pillow is 100% USA manufactured.

It is made of cooling technology which does not let you sleep hot.

It comes in a shrink-wrapped form and needs to be fluffed in a dryer to achieve its maximum height.

The dimensions of this pillow are 16x6x6 inches and it weighs about 1.6 pounds.


The padded interlocking foam of this My Pillow is mainly shredded foam. You can find shredded foam pillows elsewhere as well.

Bamboo is a brand that has been known to make shredded foam pillows. Padded interlocking, we believe is just a fancy name.

This pillow does take some getting used to. You might find it odd to sleep on in the first few nights but you will probably adjust to it sooner than you think.

Unfortunately, the dimensions and the level of stuffing in this pillow and its other sizes too are not comfortable for everyone who wishes to use them.

There certainly need to be more sizes and firmness levels to appeal to everyone. This is something we find in My Pillow Premium.

We can safely say that this pillow successfully eliminated neck pains and headaches in people who did find it to be comfortable.

We love that My Pillow is easy to wash and dry.

It comes compressed and shrink-wrapped and you need to chuck it in the dryer for a while from time to time to keep it fluffed to your liking.

This pillow is quite durable and you can easily make it last for a couple of years.

Most customers of My Pillow have complained about the fluctuating prices in the different retail options. It might just end up being more expensive than what it really costs.

Overall the My Pillow classic is quite expensive and may not really be worth the money unless you get a good deal.

What we Liked

  • Eliminates pain
  • Can easily be washed
  • Durable

What we Disliked

  • Too few firmness levels
  • Too expensive


2- My Pillow Premium

Claims and General information

my_pillow_reviewsWe will be reviewing this My Pillow in the Queen size with medium level firmness.

The My Pillow Premium is also available in the King size with three other levels of firmness.

It contains patented interlocking fill which automatically adjusts itself in relation to the position of your head.

The manufacturers assure you that this pillow will not go flat.

It is also machine washable and dryable.

My Pillow premium is also 100% USA made.

It consists of a gusseted sidewall for extra adjustability.

The breathable material of this pillow helps keep you cool throughout the night.

The dimensions of this pillow are 18.5×27.9×5.1 inches and t weighs a total of 1.2 pounds.


As we mentioned before, the padded interlocking material of the My Pillow premium is also mainly shredded foam.

Unlike the My Pillow Classic, it consists of a lot more sizes and firmness levels to choose from. This makes it a good choice of pillow for more people.

This pillow is also really good for relieving pain in the neck.

The manufacturers have rightfully stated that this pillow keeps you cool at night. It is really quite a relief.

The My Pillow premium also comes in a shrink-wrapped form and needs to be thrown in the dryer for a while to achieve maximum fluff.

My Pillow premium is really very durable and will easily last you for a couple of years.

Unfortunately, this pillow is very expensive and may not really be worth the money despite all its benefits.

What we Liked

  • More sizes and firmness levels
  • Good for pain

What we Disliked

  • Very expensive



Most residents of the United States know the My Pillow through their advertisements. They have claimed the My Pillow to be one of the best choices in pillows for Americans.

We do agree that both the My Pillows had their redeeming qualities but we agree with most reviewers when we say that you can probably find a better pillow for a much lesser price.

If you do have to choose between the My Pillow Classic and the My Pillow premium though, our choice would undeniably be the premium.

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