Best Mini Round Crib Reviews 2021: The Ultimate Guide


Mini round crib is becoming exceedingly popular these days. They are cute, they fir the geometrical theme that is so trendy these days, and there are actual benefits the parents and the baby can reap from them.

In this guide. We will be discussing five of the best round cribs out in the market. There will be a detailed review for each one so that you know which one will be the best fit for your young one.

Along with that, we will also be addressing some of the most frequently asked questions parents have about round cribs.

Best Mini Round Baby Crib Reviews

Here are the best Round Baby Cribs for sale you can find anywhere in the market:


Dream on Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib



Elegance Round Wooden Baby Bassinet



Baby Doll Darling Round Crib Set



Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Round Crib Bedding Set



Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib Bundle with Mattress and Drape Rod



1- Dream on Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib


  • Weight: 64 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 69.5 x 45.5 x 45.5 inches
  • Consists of a non-drop side rail, and a four positioned mattress
  • Easy to assemble with relevant parts


The product was shipped in perfect condition. It arrived perfectly fine and there was no damage or missing pieces.

It came with good, easy to follow instruction. This is why the crib was very easy to assemble as well.

It took about thirty minutes to be assembled and be ready for use by the baby.

The mini round crib comes in five different colors so you have a good variety to choose from as well. This is excellent because you can easily pick out the color that matches the decor of the house or the room.

However, we did find that the railing of the crib seemed a little more unreliable than it should be. It was peeling and chipping off and we were afraid that the baby could not use it as sturdy support.

We recommend that you take extra precautions while assembling the railing and use innovative methods to nail it down.

Other than that, babies find the crib to be very comfortable and they don’t usually create a fuss when they are sleeping in it.

Another thing we really liked about the crib is that you can adjust it as the baby grows.

You can lower the mattress and heighten the railings so that the baby remains comfortable even when he or she has grown up a little.

Because of this, you can easily use this crib for quite a long time.

This round crib is actually quite expensive. The mattress is sold separately and in this price, you only get the frame of the crib. It is, however, decent value for money. 

Things I liked:

  • Good instructions, easy to assemble
  • Adjustable
  • Comes in five different colors

Things I don’t like:

  • The railing seems to be unreliable
  • Expensive


2- Elegance Round Wooden Baby Bassinet


  • Bedding includes a skirt, fitted sheet, bumper, foam pad, and canopy. Everything is machine washable.
  • Storage shelf beneath the skirt
  • Caster wheels
  • Canopy shades for the baby
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32x32x49 inches


This round crib from Amazon is also very easy to assemble. It took us about forty-five minutes to put together the whole thing.

We did notice that the mattress had a bit of a smell at first. We had to air it out for a whole day to get rid of the smell.

After that, it was odorless and ready to use.

You do need to assemble it in the room that you wish to use it since it cannot be taken through doorways.

Other than that, the box mentions that you should not disassemble the product once it has been assembled either. So if you assemble it in the wrong room you will be stuck with it there!

And if you do end up reassembling it, it might lose a bit of structural integrity.

It looks very elegant and adds a bit of sophistication to the room you place it in.

It can handle up to 20 lbs of weight which is commendable since most cribs cannot go above 15 lbs.

We did notice that the mattress is quite thin and might not be comfortable for all babies.

This was a bit of a letdown since babies need maximum comfort to sleep peacefully.

You can, however, order extra bedding for the crib if the need arises.

Other than that, we also noticed that the drapes on the crib do not close off completely. This may not be a disadvantage but it was something we noticed and decided to bring to your attention.

This crib is not expensive at all and offers good value for money as well.

Things I liked:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks elegant
  • Can handle a good amount of weight
  • Inexpensive and good value for money

Things I don’t like:

  • Has an unpleasant odor upon opening
  • Cannot be disassembled or moved through most doorways
  • The mattress is quite thin and flimsy


3- Baby Doll Darling Round Crib Set


  • Easily fits standard size round cribs
  • Machine washable bedding
  • Consists of a sheet, comforter, bumper, dust ruffle, drapes, canopy, bows.
  • Comes in 7 colors
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.5×17.7×7.6


The first thing we noticed about this mini round crib was that it does not come with any instructions for assembly.

Even though most of the assembly process was easy to figure out, we did get stuck at a couple of points. Hence, not including assembly instructions was not a good move on the manufacturer’s part.

We also noticed that even though the vendor showed solid-colored bedding, we got one with a checkered pattern.

Personally, we did not find an issue with the checkered pattern but other users might have something to say about that since it is not what they ordered.

Even so, it is very comfortable for the baby to sleep in and if comfort is your priority, this mini round crib is the way to go.

The drapes on the crib are very long which is why you might need to have them altered to avoid tripping on them.

If not, you can just lengthen the crib and the issue will resolve itself.

This mini round crib bedding is not very expensive and it is a decent value for money.

Things I liked:

  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Not expensive

Things I don’t like:

  • Does not come with instructions
  • Product is different from what is shown
  • Drapes are very long

4- Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Round Crib Bedding Set


  • Consists of a comforter, bumper, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, drapes, bows, and a canopy
  • Made of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%)
  • Machine washable
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21x18x6 inches


This mini round crib bedding also does not come with any instructions to assemble.

The assembly was not very difficult but it would have been much easier with a set of instructions so we will be deducting points for that.

After assembling the product we noticed how gorgeous and elegant it was. It is exactly the kind of crib anyone would want for their baby.

You can almost be sure that such a pretty crib will look amazing in your bedroom.

It is a very good quality crib as well and quite sturdy to boot. We think it is quite durable and will prove to be that way in the long run.

Babies also enjoy the crib. It is very comfortable and easy on the baby’s anatomy as well.

This round mini crib is quite expensive, even though it is still very good value for money.

Things I liked:

  • It looks very elegant
  • Very good quality and sturdy
  • Babies find it comfortable as well

Things I don’t like:

  • Does not come with any instructions
  • Expensive


5- Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib Bundle with Mattress and Drape Rod


  • Unique, oval shape. Creates a nest-like appearance
  • The bed can be adjusted as the child grows
  • The mattress is height adjustable
  • Easy to move
  • Weight: 34.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32×26.5×33 inches


We found that this round mini crib comes with a detailed set of instructions and is therefore quite easy to assemble.

Even though it is perfectly ready to use as it is, sometimes you need a few extensions to make the crib more enjoyable to the baby and convenient for you.

For this reason, you need to purchase extensions of the crib and you have to purchase quite a few of the extensions of this crib separately so that is an added cost.

Other than that, mostly only extensions by the same brand fit the crib.

This is why it is not exactly easy to find sheets for this crib.

However, it is very good quality and we are sure it will last us a long time. You can easily have more than one of your babies use it.

It is also very classy, the appearance is different from that of other cribs, even round ones. In fact, this crib creates a nest-like appearance which is actually very unique.

It is also very comfortable and babies sleep and lie in it quite soundly.

We also noticed that its maximum weight capacity was quite low and therefore we deduced that kids will outgrow this crib easily.

It is quite expensive though but still good value for money.

Things I Liked:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Very good quality and sturdy
  • Classy and elegant looking

Things I don’t like:

  • Extensions need to be bought separately
  • Low maximum weight capacity
  • It is quite expensive


What are the Benefits of Round Baby Cribs?

There are quite a few benefits that the round baby cribs have over traditional, rectangular ones. Here are a few of them:


Round baby cribs don’t have edges and corners like traditional cribs.

This is why it is easier for infants and toddlers to flail about and move to their heart’s content without getting the parents worried about them being hurt.

Rectangular cribs may have more space but the edges can prove to be just a little too blunt and hurtful for the baby, especially if they move around a lot.


Mini round cribs are also very sturdy.

They often do not fall apart or break easily.

Other than that, they also remain rooted to the ground and there is less of a chance that the railing will fall off or the crib will tip over


Mini round cribs are also compact. They do not take up as much space as traditional rectangular cribs.

 Since they are compact, they are easy to move and store as well.

One issue many people face with traditional round cribs is that they can often not be moved through doorways. This is much less of a problem when it comes to round cribs.

Many round cribs also come with wheels so they can be moved anywhere around the house with ease.

Aesthetic Value

In the end, round cribs for boys and round cribs for girls both are much more aesthetically pleasing than rectangular cribs.

They also fit in well with the current geometrical furniture designs that are so trendy lately.

The drapes and canopies that attach to round cribs give it a more baby-like feel and look very appealing in the room.


How to Choose the Best Round Baby Crib?

There are a couple of things you need to take note of when picking out a mini round crib. Here is our buying guide for the product:


Make sure the crib you are buying is very sturdy.

Sure, children are very light and sleep a lot, but many of them also flail around most of the time.

If you buy a less-than-sturdy frame for your crib then you risk getting your baby hurt. You will also waste quite a bit of money since cribs are not cheap.


If you are picking out your crib online or if the store has a website, make sure you go through the reviews before making an investment.

Go through as many mini crib reviews as you can so you can reach a conclusion about the crib you are planning to buy.

Of course, one of your best bets is searching for round cribs on Amazon. Also keep in mind that the more reviews your product have, the more reliable a product it is.

Manufacturer and Vendor

Make sure the manufacturer or Vendor you are looking at for your purchase is reliable.

If possible, check their seller’s rating if you are buying the crib online.

Other than that, you can ask around from people who have experience from the vendor you are looking at.

You can also look up the vendor and the manufacturer in online forums so you have a good idea of what you are planning to invest in.

Maximum Weight

Always make it a point to check the maximum weight the crib can hold.

You will be using it for a decent amount of time and your child will certainly grow in that time.

So make sure the maximum capacity the crib can hold is enough for it to last a long time.

Babies will usually stay in the crib till they are 15-20 lbs big so make sure your crib can support as much.

Extra Features

Make sure you take note of all the extra attachments and features that the crib has like: drapes, bedding, wheels also crib can fit the best crib mattress as well to assure your little one’s comfort. Because oftentimes you have to buy a lot of attachments separately and that can take up quite a lot of money. 


It is not necessary that the more expensive item is the better item as well. Of course, you should set a budget and try to stay within it. Make sure you find the best round crib for cheap and within that range because even expensive things can often be disappointing.

Where Can I Buy Round Baby Cribs?



You can easily find mini round cribs on websites like Amazon and Walmart. There are also a lot of local, private vendors that you can look up in your area.


Stores like Walmart and other baby stores carry mini round cribs. You can search for all the stores around you and ask people who have had experience in crib shopping as well.

Mini Crib vs Bassinet

There are quite a few differences between the mini cribs and bassinets. Here are a few of them to clear your perspective on the two.


Mini cribs are much larger than bassinets. Mini cribs are often confined to one area or even if they are mobile, they usually stay within the confines of the house.


Mini cribs have high railings to ensure the child does not fall. Mini cribs also give more mobility tot eh child since the child can stand and move about easily in one. While the child must usually lie down or at the most sit if he or she is in a bassinet.


Bassinets are much more mobile than mini cribs. They can be carried around like baby baskets and taken anywhere with the caretaker. Mini round cribs on the other hand usually stay within a small space and can only be moved easily around that space if they have wheels.