How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? A Definitive Guide of 2021

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Mattress-min


Bed bugs bitesWhen you have a feeling that nights are getting itchy and restless, keep it in mind that it can be due to the presence of bed bugs.

These are the little insects or bugs that lives on your mattress and their favorite food is blood. Most terrible and commonly found bugs are “Cimexlectularius L” who loves to be fed on human blood only, hence its essential to learn how to get rid of bed bugs fast and permanently.

Bed bugs comes at night to feed on your blood and their peak time to feed on you is an hour before sunrise.

the exposed skin of They are more likely to be fed on the human like arms, neck, face etc. These bloodsuckers are found wherever the climate is moderate but most common in the US.

They are commonly known as the king of destroying human sleep at night.

What Do Bed Bugs & Their Bites Look Like

bed bugs removalThese tiny monsters are brown in color with an oval shaped body. These are flat before feeding but turn reddish after feeding.

They are smelly because of the stinky gland in their body. So, when you have bed bugs around you, your mattress will smell musty.

When we talk about bed bugs bites, one might think he/she has been bitten by an ordinary insect because its bite might look like a usual insect bite in general.

to some people, while it may react adversely However, others may just feel itchy, have rashes, bumps and redness. The common way to identify the bed bug’s bite is the appearance of bumps and rashes in a row or a cluster of bites.

Bed Bug bite may swell and cause extreme pain around the region. Though itchiness can cause bleeding and skin infection but bed bugs don’t transmit any major diseases.

and uncomfortable, wash the affected area with If you feel excessively itch any anti-bacterial soap which will help you ease the feeling of discomfort.

The blisters or bumps may heal within a week if not severe and scratched too much. In case of worse scenario, it’s better to consult a skin specialist who might prescribe any medicated lotion to cure the bites.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

bed bugs in luggageBed bug’s favorite place to hide and reproduce is the frame of the bed, carpets, bed mattress, luggage bags, furniture etc.

They are mostly transported through the luggage and they settle wherever they get the safe environment to survive.

Their eggs also get attached to the luggage and the move from one place to another, hatches and reproduce later. 

A female lays 3-5 eggs a day which means a huge population of bed bugs if precaution is not taken to stop them.

Due to their fast productivity, small size, and tendency to hide in small places, it becomes difficult to get rid of them without proper treatment.

Various treatments are available to remove bed bugs from the bedroom. Their excretion leaves brown stains on the surface of the mattress and red spots on the bed if they get crushed by accident. These stains may help in the identification of the presence of the bed bugs.

How To Check For Bed Bugs – Signs & Symptoms

size very small in As bed bugs are therefore, it’s difficult to detect them in an instance. However, there are various signs to be observed if you doubt that you have bed bugs at your home. Some of these signs are:

  • Red welts either in small clusters or zigzag lines on human skin are the first sign of bed bugs. These bites are extremely itchy and therefore scratching can lead to bleeding and sometimes infection too.
  • As they bite at night, so nights are extremely uncomfortable. They bite on the exposed skin like arms, hands, feet, neck etc.
  • The poop stains of bed bugs can be seen on the linen and mattress surface. It is usually black or brown in color. Red stains can also be seen when these are crushed. These stains are the symbol of bed bugs in the mattress.
  • They have smelly glands on their body that creates an unpleasant smell if the bed bugs are present on the mattress. Hence, you can detect their presence through a strong odor.
  • If you doubt that you have bed bugs in the mattress, inspect the bed carefully. Use a bright light and a magnifying glass. Also, use your nose to smell the musty odor. All these aforementioned signs will help you detect the bed bugs. Take immediate action if these bugs are found because they multiply fast.

10 Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast

10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast (2)

There are various home remedies that can be used to get rid of bed bugs and stops them from multiplying. Some of these are:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is very helpful in absorbing the moisture from the body of the bed bugs. When moisture from their skin dries, the bugs are automatically destroyed. Reapply the process after every few weeks so to get rid of them completely. 

Treatment via Steam

Bedbugs fail to survive at high temperature. Therefore, give a steam treatment to all the cushions, mattress carpet etc. of the house. It will destroy the adult and nymph bed bugs along with their eggs.

Hair Dryer

As mentioned before, bugs can’t withstand high temperature. Therefore, hair dryer can also be used to kill them. Apply heat through hair dryers for up till 20 minutes on the infected areas to kills all the boogies. Repeat the process after every few weeks.

Black Walnut Tea

It’s an herbal treatment for the bugs as walnut tea has a property of repellent. Sprinkle the tea in all the infested areas so that it’s anti-bacterial and repellent properties work wonder by killing all the bugs who hide in the corners and in the layer of mattresses.

Its leaves also bear insecticidal properties which are effective for bed bugs and other bugs. 

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is also proven to be effective to suck out the eggs and adults from the surface. Vacuum all the susceptible places to suck out the bugs.


Clove has a sharp smell and acidic properties which makes it difficult for the bugs to survive, hence you can use clove oil to destroy the bed bugs.

Scrubbing With a Stiff Brush 

If you doubt having bed bugs, scrub the susceptible objects with a stiff brush. It will not only trap and remove the adult bugs but the eggs as well.


Thyme is an excellent herb for getting rid of bed bugs effectively. It has antimicrobial properties that repel the bedbugs and forces them to leave the place.

Either burn the thyme and give its smoke to the infected areas or make small pouches of thyme leaves with the help of the net.

Place these pouches near the infested areas and change it after every three days to get rid of the bugs permanently.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves smell also plays a role of a repellent that helps to prevent all kind of bugs including bed bugs.

Crush the leaves and sprinkle it everywhere especially the entry of house so that bugs don’t enter the house. Put the packet of dry mint leaves on the mattress to keep the bugs at bay.


Lemongrass is a cheap herb easily available everywhere. It is very effective in killing bed bugs and diffusing their eggs. It has a sweet smell which will help you get rid of bugs.

Best Bed Bugs Killer Sprays

Best Bed Bugs Killer Sprays

There are a variety of sprays available in the market that are proven to be effective for killing bed bugs without causing any harm. Some of the top rated bed bugs killer sprays are:

  • Bed Bug Killer By EcoRaider

One of the bed_bug_killer_by_ecoraidertop rated sprays that have been satisfying its customers is Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider. It kills bed bugs of all stages i.e. from egg to adult.

According to a study, it has been proven that its effectiveness stays on the mattress for two weeks or more. Its residual makes a circle which prevents bed bugs to reproduce again.

It also defuses the eggs to hatch. It is certified as the safe, eco-friendly spray. It is safe for kids and pets. It is non-toxic spray which can directly be applied on the surface of the mattress.

It doesn’t cause any harm or reaction if contacted on the skin, it can be used in homes, schools, offices and even in hospitals. 

sleepy foams

  • Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

. Its ingredients are non-organic and toxin-free that has been proven to be effective to kill bed bugs of all stages i.e. egg, nymph amazing to kill bed bugs this product is also eco_defense_bed_bug_killerand adults.

Its best feature is non-staining properties i.e. it doesn’t leave any stain on your expensive mattress or bed sheet once it is sprayed.

once it comes It kills the bugs instantly in contact with the medicine. It is very easy to use and works very fast and commendable. It is safe to use and harmless if contact with skin. The company provides money back guarantee if not operative.

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  • Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth Powder 

harris_bed_bug_killer_diatomaceous_earth_powderIt’s a powder used for killing all types of bed mites that horrifies you at night. It works wonder. It reaches to those part of the mattress which seems very difficult to reach.

It is very simple to use and provides a complete set of instructions which makes its use even better. The bed bugs die within 2 days or whenever comes in the contact with the powder.

It also prevents further production of the bed bugs for a long period of time due to which user gets rids of mites permanently.

Environmental Protection Agency and Organic Minerals Research Institute has certified it as a safer powder for the children and pets.

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Best Bed Bugs Mattress Covers

It is alarming to have bed bugs in the mattress that cause different kinds of painful issues. Mattress covers can serve as a proactive measure to prevent the mattress from getting infected by bed bugs.

There are certain types of mattress covers available in all sizes, which are specifically designed to get rid of bed bugs. The best proven and highly rated mattress covers are:

  • LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Waterproof

linenspa_zippered_encasement_waterproof_dust_mite_proof_bed_bug_proof_breathable_mattress_protectorThis protecting cover is made of polyester and provides high safety against bed bugs. Its material is safe for adults and children.

It is very thin and waterproof in nature which provides an obstruction against liquids, it can be washed in the machine and it can remove and cover the mattress easily.

 It is excellent in providing safety against mites, bed bugs and other types of parasites. No disturbance at night due to its softness that guarantees no crinkling sound when slept on.

The fabric used is high in quality, very cool and soft to use. The company provides warranty for 10 years.

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  • The Original Sleep Defense System

the_original_sleep_defense_system_-_premium_zippered_mattress_encasementIt is another bedding protection cover that provides high safety against all kind of bed parasites. It is a high quality cover that is made of polyester and waterproof in nature.

It is soft to touch and cool to sleep on. It is breathable in nature so that means no restless night due to it.

For the defense against these bugs, a protecting cover is a must. It provides a guarantee of 5 years but surety that no bugs in the mattress will be formed till it is used on the mattress.

It is available in queen size. It is machine washable as the cover is removable.

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  • SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement

saferest_premium_zippered_mattress_encasementIt is another excellent cover proven to be highly effective. It is made of terry cotton material. No bugs can enter or reproduce if the mattress is covered with SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement.

It is also waterproof which prevents all kinds of fluids to reach the mattress. It disallows all kinds of bed bugs to enter the mattress.

It comes with a specialized zipper technology which never lets any bug reach the mattress. Its material is extremely soft, cool and breathable.

It also locks all those allergens that cause asthma and other kinds of allergies.

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