Best Coleman Air Mattress Review, Warranty & Pump Instructions


The Coleman Company is one of the most famous air mattress companies out there. Their mattresses are always in some sort of comparison with the Intex air mattresses. This definitive coleman air mattress review will guide you accordingly.

The Coleman air mattresses are easily inflatable and comes in a variety of sizes to suit all your needs. As a bonus, we have even included a review of the Coleman QuickPump which is a pump designed specifically to inflate Coleman air mattresses.

coleman airbed mattress reviews

Coleman Air Mattress Warranty

Almost every Coleman Air Mattress comes with a limited time warranty. This warranty usually lasts for about a year.

The Coleman Air Mattress warranty is only extended to defects in the original product you received, which are noticed by you in the duration of the warranty. Follow the instructions given on the Coleman Official Website to return the product.

One issue that we noticed with the Coleman warranty is that they are quite unresponsive. Sometimes you have to contact the seller or the retail option instead of Coleman to get a good response on the warranty.

How to Inflate the Coleman Air Mattress?

Almost all Coleman Air Mattresses come with a dual-lock valve system that can be used to inflate and deflate the mattress and keep it completely airtight.

You can invest in the Coleman QuickPump as well to inflate your air mattress. It is rechargeable and can be easily carried around as it is light and portable. It is also quite inexpensive as well.

Some Coleman air mattresses actually come with a built-in pump. These mattresses are highly convenient as you do not need a separate pump for them and they can inflate in a matter of minutes with the push of a button.

We suggest you read the specifications of the mattress you are going to buy before making the purchase.

For your benefit, we have included a review of the Coleman QuickPump with instructions on how to use it:

Coleman QuickPump Review


Claims and General Information

This pump comes in 12 V, 120 V, and the 4D battery pump varieties. We will be mainly focusing on the Coleman QuickPump 12V option.

The Coleman QuickPump is a rechargeable electrical pump that can easily be used to inflate everyday inflatable objects like swimming pools and the Coleman Air Mattress lines.

It is fast enough to inflate a Coleman Air Mattress in the Queen Size in about 3 minutes.

You can easily insert it into the double-lock valves of the Coleman air mattresses.

If you are out on a camping trip and need to charge this pump, you can easily attach it to the 12 V outlet of your vehicle.

The dimensions of this air pump are 4.41×5.2×9.02 inches and its cord is around 6 ft. long.

The boxed pump contains the pump itself, a charger, and two different adapters.

It is made of lightweight plastic which makes it extremely portable.

Coleman Rechargeable QuickPump Instructions

The Coleman QuickPump can be charged from any 12 V outlet. If you are out on a camping trip, just connect it to the cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicle to let it charge for a bit.

Choose the adapter that best fits your inflatable object and connects it to the valve. Then let the pump run and watch the mattress inflate in a couple of minutes.


This Coleman QuickPump is actually very easy to use and can be used on any common household inflatable and not just the Coleman air mattresses.

The different adapters are actually very useful in making it connect to any inflatable object’s valve.

One unfortunate thing we noticed about this pump was that it takes a very long time to recharge.

Some people have even gone as far as to say that the pump has taken over 48 hours to charge fully.

Maybe this is an issue that surfaces only in the beginning of the use of the pump but it is quite an inconvenience nevertheless.

The charged pump has a very fleeting lifespan as well. If left running, the Coleman QuickPump would last a totally of 20 minutes, maximum.

This is not a huge inconvenience though since the pump doesn’t really take more than 2-3 minutes to inflate huge mattresses.

The motor of the Coleman QuickPump is really loud as well.

Unfortunately, the plastic body of the QuickPump makes it have poor durability.

The best part about this pump is the efficiency, though because it inflates a whole Coleman Air Mattress in Queen Size in about 2-3 minutes.

Overall the pump is quite cheap and offers decent value for money.

What we Liked

  • Fast
  • Rechargeable
  • Cheap

What we Disliked

  • Charging takes a long time
  • Poor Durability
  • Loud Motor

Where Can I Buy the Coleman Air Mattress?

intex mattress walmartThere are many retail options for the Coleman Air Mattress. You can easily get all varieties of the Coleman Air Mattress in Walmart if you wish to see and select it for yourself.

coleman air mattress amazon If you like the convenience of having your products being delivered at home, you can order the Coleman Air Mattress from Amazon.


The Best Coleman Air Mattresses

  • Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated QuickBed
  • Coleman Support Rest Twin Elite Air Bed
  • EasyStay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed
  • Coleman Double-High Support Rest

Coleman Air Mattress Review

1- Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated QuickBed


Claims and General Information

This Coleman air mattress comes in a total of three different sizes and each comes either with or without an air pump.

 This mattress is made of a coil system which is said to provide good back support.

It has a soft, plush and a comfortable top.

A standard bedsheet can easily fit this Coleman air mattress.

It is affected by environmental factors such as humidity, temperature etc. That is why it may need to be inflated more over a small duration of time


Right off the bat, we can say this mattress is very comfortable to sleep on such that people have equated it to sleeping on air.

That being said it is not very durable. Its seams may burst or come apart very easily.

This mattress requires constant re-inflation but the manufacturers have already mentioned this. The re-inflation is probably needed due to the environmental factors affecting the product.

Try using the mattress occasionally such as on camping trips or for guests at home.

Before you stow away the mattress, try sleeping on it for one night to make sure it does not have any manufacturing flaws.

Overall the mattress is not very costly and offers good value for money.

It is preferred by people as it is easily portable.

What we Liked

  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Cheap

What we Disliked

  • Poor durability
  • Constant re-inflation

2- Coleman Support Rest Twin Elite Air Bed


Claims and General Information

This Coleman air mattress in Twin size has an anti-microbial surface which makes it good for medically compromised people. This surface also protects the mattress from bacterial and fungal infestations.

This mattress has a comfort coil-made structure which is good for back support.

The mattress has raised edges which prevent the pillow from sliding off the sides.

It comes with a built-in 120V air pump.

It has a one year warranty


The people who have used this Coleman air mattress claim for it to be very comfortable to sleep on. We believe a mattresses comfort is defining quality; the second being the durability of the mattress.

It is a very durable mattress. We like the durability of this Coleman air mattress. It can last for a long time without needing re-inflation or springing a leak.

This Coleman air mattress is portable and can easily be carried to camping trips and other faraway places.

This mattress is also very good for back and neck pains.

You can take this Coleman Air mattress to camping trips as it is good on a rugged terrain.

It can be affected by the environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, air pressure etc.

 The mattress is very unstable on a smooth surface which is why it requires a bed frame to remain steady.

This Coleman air mattress comes with a built-in pump which makes it extremely easy to inflate. This is probably our favorite feature of this mattress.

Unfortunately, the built-in motor that comes with this mattress has a very loud noise which many may find very unpleasant.

The mattress is not very cheap but it still offers good value for money.


What we Liked

  • Comfortable
  • Durable 
  • The built-in pump

What we Disliked

  • Not stable on smooth surfaces.
  • The loud motor.

3- EasyStay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed


Claims and General Information

This Coleman air mattress is a convertible mattress which can turn into 2 twins, 1 king or a twin double high mattress

It has a soft plush top.

It comes with an airtight system which prevents it from leaking.

The inflation of this mattress can be affected by the environmental factors same as those of the previous mattress. 

It comes with a smart wrap and roll system which is why it is easily portable.



This Coleman air mattress is a very comfortable mattress but unfortunately,when it spreads out to the king size, there are gaps in the middle which prove to be quite uncomfortable.

We really like the convertible feature of this mattress. It proves to be quite handy when you get guests in varying numbers.

This mattress is fairly durable. Even so, it might pop a leak easily if you are not cautious enough when using it.

It is very supportive to back and neck pains.

The double high convertible feature is great for people with movement constraints, like those people who are in post-operative recovery.

This mattress because of all its features is not cheap but provides a decent value for money.


What we Liked

  • Convertibility
  • Comfort

What we Disliked

  • Gaps between the king-sized
  • Not very durable.

4- Coleman Double-High Support Rest


Claims and General Information

This Coleman air mattress is double high.

The comfort coils are built to provide good support to the mattress.

It has a very soft and comfortable surface.

It comes with an airtight system which prevents leakages and increases durability.

This Coleman air mattress is Queen sized which is why regular bedspreads would fit it easily.

The smart wrap ‘n’ roll system provided with the product makes the mattress really easy to carry.


This Coleman Air mattress is another extremely comfortable mattress to sleep on. Being the last air mattress in this list we can safely say that the Coleman air mattresses have the comfort thing down.

On the other hand, this mattress needs to be re-inflated after short duration which is quite a hassle for most people.

The height of this mattress makes it easy to get out of after a long night.

It does not come with a pump. You will need a separate pump to inflate it such as the Coleman QuickPump mentioned above.

If you are not cautious enough with this mattress, it might spring a leak which is troublesome as there is neither repair instructions mentioned nor any easy way to repair it.

However, this mattress is quite durable and will not easily be broken down.

This mattress is quite expensive but it proves to be a good investment because of its great features.

What we Liked

  • Comfortable
  • Durable

What we Disliked

  • No repair instructions
  • Needs constant re-inflation
The Best Air Mattress for Camping

One mattress out of all the ones we reviewed was decreed by us to be the best Coleman camping mattress. This is the Coleman Support Rest Twin Elite Air Bed. It is durable, can survive any terrain and provides maximum comfort.



After reading Coleman Air Mattress Review overall we can easily say that the Coleman air mattress line is a very considerate line of air mattresses.

Some of these mattresses may have durability issues and can get easily damaged and the warranty service provided by Coleman may not be optimum either.

Even so, the Coleman air mattresses come in a variety of sizes, are easily available and don’t really put a dent in your pocket.

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