What Is a Boppy Pillow and It’s Uses?

what is boppy pillow

Having a pillow which is known for its versatile uses is everything a new mother can look for. From a nursing pillow to the baby seat Boppy pillows are all one can think of.

This puffy horse shoe pillow is slowly trending to be all time favorite of mothers as they serve for so many purposes.

Buying something which is going to be used by the mothers and the babies frequently are always considered as a hit. Read this article about the Boppy Pillow and it will definitely change your perspective big time.


There are several uses of Boppy. This pillow is in the shape of a C, surely this shape is unique than the rest of the pillow. Make sure to use it to its full potential as there are so many things one can do using this product.

Boppy Pillow is very famous brand in the category of nursing pillows.

This pillow is designed in the shape of C because it can easily be fitted around the belly of the nursing mothers.

The Boppy pillow can also be used to tuck the baby for spoon feeding, for day time naps and also for the play time.

The Boppy company has been making pillows for almost 25 years now and surprisingly still now the quality has not been compromised.

The Uses Of Boppy Pillow

Boppy pillow is a must accessory when it comes to babies. As mentioned above Boppy pillow has so many uses besides the breastfeeding. Following are some of the best uses of the Boppy Pillow:

1. It Can Be Used For Bottle Feeding:

There are few reasons as to why Boppy Pillows are important. The very first good thing is that using the Boppy Pillow you can bottle feed your baby single handily.

The baby can be adjusted super comfortably in the Boppy Pillow while the feeder can feed the baby.  Boppy Pillow is even more convenient with larger babies’ bottle feeling.

After C section mothers find it difficult to carry their baby for a while, having a Boppy Pillow at that time makes there life easier.

2. The Pillow For Butt:

Boppy Pillow works best as Butt Pillow after the surgery or delivery of the baby. Giving birth to a baby is always difficult to the mother even after the baby is born the pelvic region of the mother remains sore and extremely painful.

Placing the Boppy Pillow under the butt can help release the pressure from that area. Try using the pillow on a softer edge pillow rather than the hard surface.

3. For Snuggling The Baby:

All new born babies need the warmth of their mothers. These snuggles however make the mothers a bit uncomfortable as the mother cannot carry the baby for a longer period of time.

The Boppy pillow can keep the baby in a normal position and both the baby and the mother can snuggle comfortably without causing any pressure.

4. For Breastfeeding:

The boppy nursing pillow was created for the sole purpose of breastfeeding. This pillow comfortably wraps around the waist of the mother and put the baby just on the right angle for nursing.

The baby can comfortably latch with the Boppy Pillow. The good thing is that you can machine easily the Boppy Nursing Pillow cover once it gets dirty after daily use.

5. For The Sibling Support:

Everyone is over the moon when a new baby comes in the house. Among all the family members the elder siblings are the happiest of all.

The only issue is that babies are wiggly, small and heavy and the siblings find it hard to carry these tiny honey buns!

The elegant and convenient design let the big sister or brother to hold their baby sibling with ease.

Not only they can carry the baby easily but they can also easily bond with them.

What is The Construction Of This Pillow?

The materials that are used inside of the Boppy Pillow are 10% cotton and 98%Polyester.

The company has named the Boppy Pillow Bare naked because there is no other cover on this pillow which can be removed.

There is only a very thin fabric in the color of white. However, If you still need a cover then the company sells out spill covers additionally.

These are filled with virgin polyester fiber which is a blended form of plush.

Where Can I Find This?

There are so many among us who have no right sense of direction when it comes to online shopping world. If we have convinced you enough to buy this product, you can buy them here:

Boppy Newborn Lounger

sleepy foams

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

sleepy foams

These are the links of the famous and the most reliable online shopping website Amazon. 

The Boppy Pillow amazon price range is $29.84 and $39.89 respectively.

Amazon provides the best and pocket friendly price of every product including this one and not just that they also have a free return police that means if you don’t like the product then you can apply for a free return within 30 days of purchase and good thing is if the product is not damaged you will have to get all your money back.

If you are scared that your Boppy Pillow will get dirty then click on these links and order the covers in the minimalist price:

Boppy Pillow Slipcover

sleepy foams

Boppy Water Resistant Protective Cover

sleepy foams

The price range of these covers is $9.99 and $10.98 respectively.  The slip covers are sold separately and can be washed in a machine without a worry.

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

This Boppy Support Pillow is known to be one of the best pregnancy pillows in the market right now.  

Basically, this is a pretty angled pillow with a shape that resembles half-moon. All you have to do is to place it underneath your body while you are sleeping at your side so that any lopsidedness can be avoided during slumber.

This pillow works best in almost all pregnancy weeks, even just before the baby is delivered preventing intensive pressure points of belly, neck, spine and color bone, not just that it also relieves the back aches.

The cover of this pillow is made of Pima cotton which provides pure comfort. Though the size of this pillow is smaller but it does its job perfectly.

The customers have sent such great reviews of this product that it is definitely give-it-a-try kind of product now. This pillow Is safe to wash in machines

The product is freely shipped world-wide with a good return policy. The price of this product is $89.95. Don’t believe that this product is perfect for you? Don’t worry and check out this link:

Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

sleepy foamsConclusion:

Boppy Pillows are a c shaped puffy horse shoe like a pillow which was manufactured after keeping nursing mothers in mind.

Besides Boppy nursing pillow advantage, there are several other thinkable benefits of this pillow too.

The online website provides a free return within 30 days of purchase so if you don’t like this pillow than you can also claim back your money.

Amazon is flooded with good reviews about this particular product and its usefulness. After reading this whole article we are assure, you will must try this super convenient and a must have pillow for your new born.

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