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Many people fail to realize that a good mattress can make the difference between getting a decent night’s sleep and tossing around at 3 am in a desperate attempt to get a little shut-eye. A good night’s sleep ensures a productive day at work and minimizes the jitteriness associated with sleep deprivation. A comfortable mattress plays a crucial role in making sure you get a blissful sleeping experience. You can buy cheap Queen Size mattresses on sales going on various online stores at this time of the year.


Classic brands Cool gel memory foam mattress makes sure you get the restful sleep you deserve without breaking the bank. It intelligently merges two major sleep technologies at a competitive price. An impressive package, for those not willing to sacrifice quality while still aiming to get a good deal.


This mattress features an 8-inch profile gel memory foam mattress comprising of 6 inches of high density thick support foam under two inches of cushion firm gel infused memory foam. It is also self-ventilating and ensures maximum breathability. The dimensions are 80×60×8 inches. It includes a 10 year warranty. It also features CetriPUR-US certified foam with a medium firm feel. It weighs 58 pounds.



  • This mattress is cheap and offers a lot for its price making it an ideal choice for those on a tight budget.
  • It offers firm support to your back during the night thereby decreasing the chances of waking up to an aching back. People with back problems will benefit from this product as it contours the body curves and provides support to the lower back.
  • Furthermore, the body contouring foam reduces pressure points and aligns the spine. The foam adapts to the body positions rather than forcing you torch to it. It eliminates the upward pressure caused by springs on the sleeper. These factors prevent pain in the shoulders, back and hips therefore, helping you sleep better.
  • The memory foam is infused with gel that gently absorbs and draws out body head keeping you cool at night. Increased body heat tends to make a person toss and turn disturbing sleep.
  • The mattress is compressed to allow ease of delivery. It quickly returns to its original dimensions within a day of unpacking.


  • Upon unpacking the product emanates a harsh chemical-like odor which lasts a few days. This can aggravate asthma and tends to be irritating to people with breathing problems, allergies and hypersensitivity to strong smells.
  • The mattress tends to decrease in thickness after prolonged usage. Therefore, it is not recommended for long-term daily use. The product may deflate and thin out over the years and is not suitable as a long-term investment.
  • This mattress can prove to be too firm for people that gravitate towards softer mattresses. People unaccustomed to firm mattresses may experience discomfort and possible back ache.

Classic brands cool gel memory foam mattress can be an ideal choice for people looking for a comfortable mattress at a low price. It is more suited for guest bedrooms as opposed to main bedrooms given its tendency to deflate with frequent use.

Happy sleeping!

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