Best Bunk Beds Review

best bunk beds for kids

Struggling with space at home is one of the worst struggles. In order to overcome this issue, it is advised to install bunk beds for children and guests at home. Bunk beds not only act as space savers but also take the children’s room décor to another level.

The concept of stackable beds is very old; it came into fashion back in World War 2 when hanging beds were suspended high enough to allow another person to sleep beneath.

A good bunker bed is a classic way to save space in the kid’s bedroom. Safety is very crucial when it comes to bunk beds so you want to buy a bunk bed that has been approved by different safety authorities.

In this article is all about the best bunk beds review. I have talked regarding some of the best bunk beds in the market so far which ticks all the right boxes from durability to comfort.

Common Characteristics Of Good Bunk Bed:

Here are some of the characteristics every one should keep in mind before buying the bunking beds. Although each manufacturer makes sure to add in some slight changes in their beds but here is what you should keep in mind:

1. Size:

Bunk bed comes in different configuration and sizes. The common bunk bed size is twin over twin. Twin over full and full over full sizes are also very common.

  • Twin Over Twin:

It is standard twin sized joint bed attached with another standard size bed. The dimensions may vary. A common dimension of bunker bed is 80 (length) ×42(Width) ×68 (Height). This bed works perfectly well as kid’s sleepover option. This bed is known to accommodate a single sleeper on each bed.

  • Twin Over Full Bunker Bed:

It is a standard twin sized bed attached over a full sized standard bed. It is a perfect combination in the guest room to kid’s room. A twin over full bunker bed provides more space for slumber without consuming additional space of the room

  • Full Over Full Bunker Bed:

This bed configuration allows a full sized bed stacked upon another fuller sized bed. The dimension varies for this bed too, but an average full over full sized bed consists of 68(H) ×60(W) ×80(L). This bed accommodates 2 full sized adults easily along with full sized children.

2. Material:

Each bunk bed is created either by the wooden or the metallic frame. Each material of course has benefits and disadvantages which should be kept in mind by the buyers before buying the bunk bed.

  • Wood Bunk Beds:

Wooden bunk beds come in the variety of textures and shapes. There is a vast variety of wood types which are used for making of bunk beds. From cherry to hardwood you can select any type and any finish form of your choice. One good thing about wooden frame bunk beds is that it can last up to many years without wearing off except the fact that it might be very hard to move due to its sturdiness.

  • Metal Bunk Beds:

When it comes to weight, metallic bunk beds are comparatively light in weight and gives off a more modern look. These beds are made of tubular metal and are cheaper than the wooden beds. These beds hold a sleek and minimalist style for every interested buyer who wants to save some space in the kid’s room or guest rooms.

3. Style

  • Bunk Bed With Stairs:

This style is becoming more and more popular with each coming day. Traditional bunk beds with ladder have become old fashioned these days and a majority of people prefer bunk beds with stairs. Not only stairs are more comfortable than ladders but they also provide more storage space. Some manufacturers also added shelves and drawers into the bunk beds for added convenience of the users.

  • Bunk Bed That Can Be Isolated:

Some bunk beds can be separated into two beds. This feature is ideal for growing children or for parents who wants to re-décor the children’s room in the budget.

  • Bunk Bed With Drawers:

Bunk beds with drawers are perfect for storing under the bed clutter. You can also store extra clothes and toys of your children in these drawers. Thus buying this bed will contribute big time in cleaning the extra mess that children create with their stuff in their room.

  • Bunk Bed with Trundle:

Kids bunk beds with trundle are known to increase the slumber capacity of a room. There is a pull-out drawer installed underneath with the trundle bunk bed along with a tightly fitted mattress. You can also tuck this bed away if it is not under use.

  • Low Bunk Beds:

These bunk beds are shorter as compared to the traditional bunk beds by 10 or 12 inches and are also known as . This bunk bed is perfect for the rooms having low ceiling and ceiling fans.

  • Colorful Bunk Beds:

This bunk bed is perfect for little children as they like to see a lot of colors in the rooms. We all know that furniture in bold colors makes the kids room playful and youthful.

What Are The Bunk Bed Standards As Per US Government?

  • Bunk bed should place a label that warns the parents to not place the children under 6 years of age in upper bed.
  • Use guard rails on both sides of the bunk
  • If the bunk bad is taller than 30 inches, a continuous guard rail should be installed on the wall side of the bed.
  • Prohibit horseplay on or under the bunk bed
  • Mattress of bunk bed should not exceed 8 inches in thickness
  • Manufacturers should be aware to not leave openings that are wide enough for a child’s torso or head to pass through them.
  • Prohibit the allowance of more than one person on the upper bank.
  • Weight limit should be provided by the companies

1. Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed, Silver

Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed, SilverIf you want to buy a cheap bunk bed which does not hinder your annual budget, this model is worth mentioning. This bed offers a twin over full sized bed option to the buyers. The assembled configuration includes 61.5 height × 78 length × 56.5 widths. The frame of this bunk bed is made up of metal. This elegant metal framed bunk bed is super adjustable and can be kept in any room of the house without showing off a vibe of intrusiveness. There is an adequate gap underneath the bottom bunk bed which is ideal for storage. This bunk bed is available in three colors that are black, white and silver. The only problem with this bunk bed is that it cannot be detached like most of the metal bunk beds. Anyhow this bunk bed is a good choice for adults and for kids too. This means you can use it in guest rooms as well as for kid’s room too. The quality of the bed is worth applauding so it will be your happy companion for many years to come.

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2. DHP Twin over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed – Black

DHP Twin over Twin, Metal Bunk Bed DHP is known for some of the most acclaimed bunk beds for kids in the market these days. This particular model is the perfect package for most of the families out there. Though there aren’t any bells and whistles, it features a very simple yet sturdy construction. For top notch safety of the kids, the manufacturer has installed a slanted ladder for reaching the upper bunk bed. You can choose from three different colors black, white and silver. For the lower bunk bed the weight capacity is around 225 pounds and for the upper bunk the maximum capacity is 200 pounds. The dimension of this bed is 62(height) ×78(length) ×42(width). This bunk bed is known for its durability among users and can easily accommodate kids as well as adults of any age depending upon the individual’s weight. This company has made good name since the date of the establishment because of the highly durable and long lasting beds. The price as compared to the product is very low. So yes, I will highly recommend you to buy this product as soon as possible.

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3. Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed, White

Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk BedThis is the long horn twin over twin bunk bed for your kids presented by Stork Craft Company. This bunk bed will prove to be the most exquisite center piece of your child’s room. This bed possesses short stature that is best for less spaced rooms. One good thing regarding these bunk beds is that it can easily be separated into two separate beds. So when your children are in growing stage and they cannot be fitted easily in the bunk bed you can separate the beds as per your children’s needs. The frame of this bed is made up of wood and when fully assembled its dimension is 61.3(height) ×78.3(length) ×43.5(width). We know that good companies never neglect the safety of the sleepers, so as per this complement the manufacturers of this bed has installed a unique fastening system into their beds which are a sturdy fastened ladder and fuller length guardrails. Not just that these bunker beds meet all the safety standards of Canada and USA. This bunk bed is available in very pretty colors like pink, espresso, and cherry and white giving you a lot of options in colors and finishes to choose from. With a lower price, high durability and beautiful colors options I believe this bed can easily be one of the best bunk beds out there in the market.

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4. Bunk Bed Full Over Full with Trundle in Cappuccino

Bunk Bed Full over Full with Trundle in CappuccinoThis bunk bed has a beautiful wooden frame in one exotic color which will complement your house and its interior decoration. This bunk beds with trundle comes with slat and roll foundations which mean you don’t need any Bunkie boards for fixations. One good thing about this bunk bed is that it comes with a roll-out trundle which is a good option for the sleep overs at your house. When it comes to safety, this bed ticks all the right boxes and has been rigorously tested in the lab for a couple of years for the sake of the costumer’s safety. Guardrails are installed on both the sides of the bed as a safety measure. The dimension of this bed is 62 high×78.5 long×59 wide. For easy access to the top bunk bed, the ladder rungs are flat, not vertical. The bottom bunk is 11 inches above the ground and the space between bottom bunk slat and top bunk slat is around 30 inches. The overall weight of this bed is 249 pounds. With the sturdy design and elegant color this bed is perfect for daily or occasional use. I would definitely recommend this bed for those who want long lasting and highly durable furniture for their house.

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5. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin With 3 Drawers In The Steps, Honey

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin with 3 Drawers in the StepsWe all know that children love bunk beds with stairs. Choose this product and give your children and guest a piece of the royal treat with Bedz king stairway bunk bed. This bed is made from solid Brazilian Pine wood. This bed is perfect for those parents who want to maximize their kid’s low spaced room. There is a trundle in this bed which makes it a 3 in 1 bunk bed. The manufacturers have tested this bed over and over again for the safety of sleepers. The finish of this bunk bed is led free so practically making the child’s slumber toxin and hazard free. The dimension of this bed is 62 high×102 long×42 wide. In my point of view this bed is a masterpiece of furniture out there in the market.  The bed comes in three beautiful yet elegant colors that are cappuccino, white and honey. The model that we have talked about in this review has three basic setups; the first one is the cheapest and basic setup wooden bunk bed with sturdier stair case at one side. There are drawers installed in the staircase along with an integrated shelf. The second model is also a wooden bunk bed with the addition of slid out drawers underneath the bottom bunk. The third model has stairs with integrated shelves and drawers along with an underneath trundle. There are two sizes available for the users first one is twin over full and second is twin over twin bunk beds. With elegance and modern day look you will get it all in this bed, So, don’t think twice and order yours right away

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Choosing the right bunk bed is one hectic job as there are so many options to choose from. There are so many fine details that should be kept in mind in order to purchase that one perfect bunk bed for your kids that would stay with you for the rest of your life.

But worry no more because I have selected 5 amazing beds that are safe, cheap and highly durable. Go through this best bunk beds review and choose wisely as per your requirement.

According to me Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin with 3 drawers in the step is one perfect bunk bed. With classic royal design and high end safety, this mattress ticks all the right boxes.

The price of this bunk bed is very low as compared to its looks and functions. Last but not least this bunk bed is perfect for those parents who want to maximize their children’s low spaced room in the budget.

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