Benefits of Orthopedic Mattress : Align Your Spine to Prevent from Pain

benefits of orthopedic mattress

Entering your 40s means pains, lots of pains. Okay, maybe not for all of us. Even so, as we grow old, we become more and more prone to different kinds of pains. It could be arthritis, bone spurs or a good old frozen shoulder.

You go to the doctor on time, you take care of your diet and you exercise often. This is the minimum you should do to stay in perfect shape during your older years. But why not go the extra mile and get yourself an Orthopedic Mattress?

What is an Orthopedic Mattress and its Benefits?

As the name suggests, an orthopedic mattress is made in a special way to support the muscles, bones, and joints. Therefore, an orthopedic mattress benefits people who suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis or any other condition which makes them undergo pain in the muscles or joints.

These orthopedic mattresses are made with either springs or special foam. They are firm enough to not bend under normal pressure and this is why they are great for relief from neck, back, and joint pain.

Does Orthopedic Mattresses Really Work?

According to the orthopedic mattress reviews, we have come across, yes they do.

Orthopedic mattresses for back pain have proven to be the most beneficial according to the people who have used them. This is because they are specially designed to keep our spine absolutely straight.

Sleeping on natural memory foam mattresses causes your spine to curve into a slight U-shape when you are sleeping whereas the hardness of an orthopedic mattress prevents your spine from sinking down. Therefore you do not feel any back pain.

Benefits of Orthopedic Mattress-min

Orthopedic mattresses are also designed to distribute the body weight of the sleeper evenly throughout the mattress. So people who previously woke up with aches all over their bodies when using their old beds now woke up feeling fresh and pain-free.

There are certain pressure points on your body that take the toll when you are sleeping on a latex or natural memory foam mattress. If you do not change your sleeping habits these pressure points eventually break under the pressure and start hurting.

These mattresses also contour themselves to the shape of your body. This way, the pressure is alleviated from all the sensitive parts of the body and you sleep like a baby all night.

Another very common reason why people turn to orthopedic mattresses is after surgery. Doctors usually recommend sleeping on firm surfaces after surgery. This is why many people opt to buy orthopedic mattresses post-surgery.

Orthopedic Mattress Benefits

People who started using orthopedic mattresses also claimed to sleep a lot better than they used to.

In case you find orthopedic mattresses to be too hard for you to sleep on, you can get an orthopedic mattress topper to sleep more comfortably. You could get an orthopedic mattress cover along with the topper to protect the mattress as well.

Orthopedic Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foams vs Orthopedic Mattress-minThe point of this article is not to tell you how orthopedic mattresses are better than natural memory foam mattresses. Both kinds of mattresses have merits to them. We are here to tell you how orthopedic mattresses are better for people who suffer from pain in different parts of their body.

Natural memory foam mattresses start to sag after a couple of uses. They then keep sagging more and more the longer you use them. Thus, they need constant replacing; after at least 3-4 years.

This might be okay for young people who have spines that can handle this kind of pressure on their body. Unfortunately, older people cannot stand so much pressure for long. This is why it’s better for them to turn to orthopedic mattresses in their later years.

Orthopedic mattresses are quite firm, as we have already mentioned. They take at least ten years before showing signs of wear. They are designed in a way that they have quite a hard surface which does not sag no matter how long you sleep on it.

This makes them an ideal choice for people who have faced pain in their back, neck or joints at some point.

What are the Best Orthopedic Mattresses?

We checked orthopedic mattresses Amazon to find the best ones for you. You could check online for detailed reviews of these orthopedic mattresses.

Some named brands include:

You can also select the size of your orthopedic mattress according to your needs. Remember that you should get the mattress that fits your bed frame completely unless you are looking towards buying a new bed frame altogether.

Orthopedic Mattress in Queen Size and King size is much more commonly used than those in Twin sizes.

The orthopedic mattress price depends on the type and brand of the mattress. For example, a coil- spring orthopedic mattress is much less expensive than a memory foam orthopedic mattress.

Yes, you read correctly, there are different types of orthopedic mattresses available. The most common ones are:

Coil Spring Orthopedic Mattress

The coil spring orthopedic mattress is very durable and the most inexpensive one of all. It contains a number of coiled springs in one layer and they are all linked to the adjacent one.

This mattress is very firm and that is why it is not at all prone to wear.

Spring Mattress-min

Pocket Spring Orthopedic Mattress

The pocket spring mattress also has a coiled spring layer, but it contains many more springs than a coil spring mattress – at least three times more.

Each coil is kept in a separate pocket which makes the orthopedic mattress much more receptive to the user’s body shape and therefore is better for contouring.

pocket spring mattress-min

These mattresses are usually bought by people who share a mattress so that they are not disturbed by the other’s movements.

Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress

The memory foam orthopedic mattress is made of viscoelastic material and is probably the fanciest option of all. The mattress spreads bodily heat throughout itself and prevents you from feeling too cold or too warm. This orthopedic mattress also holds the ability to regain its shape after you have used it.


The orthopedic mattress is definitely a worthwhile expense; especially for people who have been suffering from acute or chronic pain in the back or neck.

Be it orthopedic mattress vs. Spring mattress or orthopedic mattress vs. memory foam mattress, you know the right choice for you. You would be able to sleep like a baby for a full eight hours.

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